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The aim of the laboratory is to provide clinically useful information through laboratory measurments of samples collected from participants in epidemiological studies and from persons participating in atherosclerosis risk evaluation service.

The analytical work is limited to a selected panel of general tests in clinical biochemistry and hematology with emphasis on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism as well as kidney function. A few novel tests specifically aimed at assessing cardiovascular risk factors are also carried out.

The reliability of reported data is assured by applying suitable quality policy.  The quality policy is implemented by the following means:

  • Proper sample collection, stabilization, transport, sample preparation and identification.
  • Reliable analytical work so that systematic and random errors do not exceed specified limits.
  • Turnaround time within specified limits when applicable.
  • Data reported in a clear form and supplemented with relevant information, including reference intervals to allow reliable clinical interpretaion.
  • Appropriate communication with participants and clinicians in the relevant studies so that results will be interpreted correctly and logically integrated into further evaluation of the health status of the participant.

The laboratory is also involved in genotyping specific candidate genes in cardiovascular disease and work with isolated white blood cell has just been started.