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Key Personnel

Vilmundur Gudnason

villi.jpgDr Gudnason has been the director of the Icelandic Heart Association Research Institute since 1999. Previously Dr Gudnason was the director of the Genetic Laboratories of the Icelandic Heart Association from 1995-1999. Dr Gudnason has been professor in Cardiovascular Genetics at the University of Iceland since 1997 and a visiting senior research fellow at the Institute of Public Health and Primary Prevention, University of Cambridge, England since 2002. Dr Gudnason received his MD degree from the University of Iceland in 1985. He received his PhD in genetics from University College London in 1995. Dr Gudnason has published widely in peer reviewed journals and written several chapters in books, mainly on genetics and the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease.




Albert Vernon Smith

albert.jpgAlbert Vernon Smith joined the Icelandic Heart Association at the end of 2006. Dr Smith worked as group leader for the Data Coordination Center of the International HapMap Project and served in its analysis group, from 2004 until joining the Heart Association. Before that he worked at deCode Genetics in Iceland. Dr Smith received his PhD in classical genetics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has published extensively in leading scientific journals.






Berglind Gunnarsdottir

berglind_gunnarsdttir.jpgBerglind Gunnarsdottir has worked in the financial department of the Icelandic Heart Association since 2003 and has been the financial manager since August 2006. Berglind Gunnarsdottir graduated with a diploma in accounting from the faculty of economics and business of the University of Iceland in 2005.






 Guðny Eiriksdottir

gun_eirksdttir.jpgGudny Eiriksdottir joined the Genetics Laboratory of Icelandic Heart Association in 1998. Since 2000 Ms Eiriksdottir has been the managing director of the AGES Reykjavik Study and the managing director of Research since 2005. Previously Ms Eiriksdottir did research in cancer genetics at the Laboratory of Cell Biology at the University Hospital in Reykjavik and worked as a research associate at the University of Iceland and lectured in the faculties of Medicine and Chemistry. Ms Eiriksdottir graduated with a BSc in biochemistry from Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY and received an MSc from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY in 1974. Ms Eiriksdottir has published in peer reviewed journals, mainly on genetics and epidemiology.




Johnna Eyrun Sverrisdottir

capture_00001nets.jpgJohanna Eyrun Sverrisdottir is the head of the clinic division at the Icelandic Heart Association. Ms Sverrisdottir has been working for Icelandic Heart Association since March 2002. She graduated as a registered nurse from the University of Akureyri in 1996. Ms Sverrisdottir’s thesis was named ‘Love of elderly people: to dare, will and manage.’ After university she worked in the department of medicine at Akureyri Hospital and at the University Hospital in Reykjavik. Later she worked as a school nurse in Smara- and Linda elementary schools in Kopavogur. Before Ms Sverrisdottir started working for the Icelandic Heart Association she worked as a nurse in the psychiatry department at the University Hospital in Reykjavik.




Kristin Siggeirsdottir

kristn_siggeirsdttir.jpgKristin Siggeirsdottir has been the managing director of Development since 2007.  Ms Siggeirsdottir has worked for Icelandic Heart Association since 2002 and has been responsible for functional measurements in the AGES Reykjavik Study. Ms Siggeirsdottir graduated as an occupational therapist from the University of Lund in 1991 and received her Master’s in 2001. Ms Siggeirsdottir founded the rehabilitation company Janus Rehabilitation and has been its managing director since 2003. Ms Siggeirsdottir served on a Ministry of Health committee for vocational rehabilitation in 1999 and has written articles on rehabilitation in Icelandic professional journals and publiched in peer reviewed journals on rehabilitation and epidemiology.




Sigurdur Sigurdsson

sigurur_sigursson-11.jpgSigurdur Sigurdsson has managed the radiology department since 2002, when the AGES Reykjavik Study began. Prior to his post at Icelandic Heart Association, Mr Sigurdsson worked as a radiographer in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facilities of Guy’s Hospital, London, UK and the National Hospital of Norway, Oslo. Mr Sigurdsson has been a lecturer in clinical MRI and MRI physics at the University of Reykjavik, Technical University of Iceland and the University of Iceland. Mr Sigurdsson completed a BSc in radiography from the Technical University of Iceland in 1994 and an MSc in clinical MRI from South Bank University, London, UK in 2001.




Thor Aspelund

thor_aspelund.jpgDr Aspelund has been the chief statistician of the Icelandic Heart Association since 2002, and an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Iceland since 2007. Dr Aspelund finished a PhD degree in statistics at the University of Iowa in 2002. He gained an MSc from the same university in 1998 and a BSc degree in mathematics from the University of Iceland in 1994. Dr Aspelund’s interests in research are on risk models for coronary heart disease and other diseases. Dr Aspelund’s specialty lies in ROC analysis. He teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in statistics for the life sciences at the University of Iceland.