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Annual Report
The activities of the Icelandic Heart Association consist on the one hand of the operation of the Icelandic Heart Association Research Institute and on the other hand of efforts to communicate the knowledge it has accumulated to the public and the health authorities. The Research Institute celebrated its 40th anniversary during the year and its activities are as vigorous as ever. For instance, an greement was reached during the year with the U.S. National Institute on Aging (NIA) on continuing the collaboration with the Icelandic Heart Association on the AGES Reykjavik Study. This agreement is an important international recognition of the work which was done over the 5-6 years when the first phase of the AGES Reykjavik Study was conducted.
Moreover, processing of data from the Reykjavik Study, which also celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2007, is ongoing. The Reykjavik Study and additional ongoing cohort studies conducted at the Icelandic Heart Association Research Institute have provided a good overview of the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease over the past forty years. The goal is to gather the main results of studies conducted by the Icelandic Heart Association in one place and make them freely available on the Icelandic Heart Association
website. There are also plans to make these results as widely known as possible domestically and abroad.
PDF of the Annual Report 2007 can be read here